A Compassionate Approach

We take pride in our approach to farming:

  • Certified Organic pasture
  • No antibiotics, hormones, or stimulants, ever
  • Vegetarian supplementary diet
  • Full access to pasture to eat grass and bugs
  • A variety of heirloom/heritage breeds with a colorful array of eggs
  • Modernized traditional egg ranching: mobile coops, truly free range
  • No forced molting; birds are treated as natural as possible
  • No dyes or feed additives to make eggs look better than they taste

Our mission: Preserving family farming as a way of life.

The mission of Coastal Hill Farm & Egg Co-op is to provide a fair price to farming families for their eggs and produce so that they can continue doing what they’re best at: farming.

Pastured, organic and conventional chickens are not cheap nor easy to raise well. But due to small flock sizes all of the birds whose eggs we represent are afforded the best animal husbandry and care that can only be expected from family farms.

Our flocks range from 40 to 2,500, and all have completely free access to the outdoors: open pasture, tall grass, at-will organic feed and fresh water, fruit trees, oak trees, vegetable waste, etc. These are not “technically cage-free”, or whatever the big guys say. These birds are borderline wild, and we like it that way.