The Farmers


At an early age my grandfather, Alfred Grossi, kept chickens at his Nicasio ranch which he and I cared for. My father drove me around to my neighbors to deliver eggs for $1 per dozen.

I eventually attended Cal-Poly in San Luis Obispo, I received my BS in Ag. Buisness Management and a minor in Poultry Science. After graduating in June of 2003, I moved home to put my degree to work, implementing pasture-raised rotational grazing systems for ranchers in West Marin.

To pursue the dream that began as a child, Coastal Hill Farm was created in 2008 at the Nicasio Ranch serving the local community that I had once served with my grandfather.  The buisness quickly began to expand.  After three years I relocated the buisness to its current location in Petaluma, California.

Recently with the buisness expanding I have proudly began a co-op with various producers in the local community.

I continually strive to grow my knowledge and understanding of the chickens’ natural way of living while working to incorporate them into zero-input organic food production systems.

Farmer Debra Shaw


For the past 3 years I have really enjoyed being in the poultry business. Our farm raises pastured hens which produce a high quality tasty egg.

My parents owned and operated a big poultry ranch so I am used to chickens and working hard. I love that I have the opportunity to continue working outside and working amunst the flocks of hens. Growing up on a ranch taught me many things and one important one is a good work ethics which now I can teach my kids as they help on the farm.

I raise my chicks from one day old and enjoy watching them grow into a healthy pullet, which then go out on our organic pastures with plenty of room to scratch in the dirt, dust themselves and eat worms and bugs. Mobile housing is available also which they use for roosting and protection at night.

For extra protection we have Great Pyrenees guard dogs. It’s important to me to produce a quality egg for the consumers and also to have happy and healthy Hennies! There’s nothing better than fresh eggs to eat.