Coastal Hill Farm eggs are as natural as can be.  The hens are allowed to feed on grasses, insects, and seeds, as well as given ample feed and space. These conditions make our birds comfortable and happy, which is reflected in their eggs.  Typically, the good cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acid levels are higher in chickens that are allowed to feed on greens such as grasses.

Here are some articles about the differences between grass pastured and grain fed eggs:

Research shows eggs from pastured chickens may be more nutritious: Penn State News, 2010

Pasture-ized Poultry: Penn State News, 2003

Nutritional Benefits of Higher Welfare Animal Products: Compassion in World Farming

Comparison of Fatty Acids, Cholesterol, Vitamins A, and E from Hens House in Conventional Cage and Range Production Facilities: North Carolina State University, 2011


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