Egg Laying Hens


Our Egg Laying Hens

We grow a variety of breeds of egg-laying chickens not only for our own flock, but also for other ranchers. Ordered as day-old chicks from Belt Hatchery in Fresno or Mount Healthy Hatchery in Ohio, they are vaccinated for the Marek’s virus at the hatchery.¬†Upon arrival, they are given clean, warm living conditions with ample space to roam. As the pullets grow, they get more and more space to explore.

The most common breeds we grow are the Plymouth Barred Rock, Golden Sex link, Black Sex Link, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Delaware, White leghorn, Americauna, Auracana, and Marans.


A young pig looks for food on a sunny day

As the sexing of the birds from the hatchery is about 90% accurate, there are always a few roosters in the bunch. These birds are sometimes available for purchase. Not only are they useful for breeding purposes, but the roosters can help to keep the hens healthier and assist the entire flock in fending off predators.